22/10/10 Who’s that bunker?

Sooooo, ye im alive i think oO  another blogpost after years
Its autumn guys! wohooo finallyyyy! 
Dub and me decided to do a lil collab since i adore his stlying and its so fitting : )

enjoy it!



Hair: saboteurs \ WOON008 LT BLONDE
Skin: ID 1208-2_SKIN [Hair][Fallen Angel]  *NEW*
Glasses: Reek – Junior Shades
Cig:–SHEL`TTER– Cigarette (large)
Jacket: *COCO*_AviatorJacket(DarkBrown)_ Jacket *NEW*
Shirt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::2in1 Tee Gray & Black/Shirt
Tattoo Tattoo Ghost Geisha 4.0_GoK_medium
Denim: Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Black]
Shoes: **Stash** Undefeatable Leather Shoe [without socks]

Hair: !lamb. Sugar Hiccup Redo – Honeycomb (edited and colored)
Skin: -tb- {Light} Jejune Prissy – Red Winged Brows
Shirt: {SMS} Longsleeve Tee Brown Seasons Hunt
Top and Belt: Glasnost – Posh Outfit – Bitter and Trimmed *NEW*
Bracelet: > alaMood < Chinese Luck Bracelet R
Skirt: (Milk Motion) My loose tshirt & short skirt /project themory
Tights: Glasnost – Posh Outfit – Alive and Dried *NEW*
Shoes: *COCO*_Lace-UpWorkBoots


31/08/2010 Night of the living dead?

Is it true? Am I still alive? Yes, i think i still am!

I finally made it! i managed to deal with my computer tonite so i thought ok lets try this again and blog something. i must tell you guys, i was thinking about giving this up. after i had my issues with my computer, i totally lost my blogging inspiration…but! i made it tonite…i made something casual yet a bit sofisticated! i hope you still remember me and still enjoy reading my stuff : )

more coming soon! and some reviews aswell! i think i might get into it now again!

wish me luck!

oh ma gawd! i just realized that i didnt blog for more than 2 months! oh holy lord! im sorryyy guys!

yvonne updateeeee_001

updatteeeeee yvonnneee

Hair: (fd)- Sunday in Peanut
Skin: *League* Taylor Pale -Natural- Frex
MakeUp: – Glam Affair -Dressing Room #11 (MakeUp 4)
Eyes: Eyes Gracia -Amber- *REDGRAVE*
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE BIG SEA NECKLACE (10 L only !!! )
Blazer: Emery – Blazer Looked #Black *NEW*
Rings: P.C; Diamond and Rose Bouquet Ring && P.C; Spring Multi-Stone Ring
Nails: Candy Nail #NS000 Basic Dark Red
Romper: K&CO – Romper Stomper – Strawberry Fields
Shorts: Emery – La Musique Short
Sandals: .+*AA*+. suede sandal/long *midnight

30/06/2010 Half-Half?

Ewwww, i dont like blogging like that : ( its like a big part is missing with a pretty edited picture…


but i wanted to blog my outfit because i really think it looks sweet and i adore short hair so here u go guys. i know it sucks just having one picture but i cant change it atm : ( bouhuhu


Hair: Kin-Cricket-[Blonde] (by Kin Keiko)
Skin: *League* Taylor Pale -Pillarbox- Frex-Cleavage (by Nena Janus)
Earrings: LaGyo_The simplest circle earrings (by Gyorgyna Larnia) *NEW*
Scarf: (WY) Ison print scarf(Confusion) (by kendall Freenote)
Top: [W&B] Cole Boatneck Top BLACK (by Twiggy Whippet)
Tank on top: [W&B] Hykova Buttoned Tank ALABASTER (by Twiggy Whippet)
Ring: LaGyo_Sense of life ring (by Gyorgyna Larnia) *NEW*
Belt: [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Red (by Azufr3 Catteneo ? )
Skirt: -Veschi- Meshed Potatoes Skirt w’ Belt for TDR Blue! (by Alla Ruff)
Tights: *blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Black (by Annyka Bekkers)
Shoes: Picnic panu shoes [white] (by nyasyousa Oh)


Hey guys! long time again, since i blogged the last time. I have some issues with my computer, or better said my grafic card. My computer shuts down, if i just turn on my shadows or even high quality mode. ARGHHH and i hate it so so much. i think i won’t do shadow cast pictures anymore, cuz my computer really cant handle it. i dont even know why : ( it didnt act up like that a few months back. bouhuhu its not even an old one! my notebook is only about 1 1/2 years old. grrrrr. ye… so im gonna do a skin review on BODYLINE’s “Sara” skin, by nedeko kohime, soon. im trying my best to get some snaps inworld without my computer shutting down, which is really difficult and it pisses me off so much!

i had some reviews coming up. im really gonna try to do them in the next 2 weeks. but its just really frustrating when your pc is shutting down, while youre doing a fucking snapshot grrrr…

ye so thats that.

really sorry guys, im gonna try my best !


18/06/2010 In My Head….

…i see you all over me… hihi love that song : )

I got this super cute hair from this weeks 50 Linden Friday from !lamb and i wanted to create a cute look with it. some basic colors, like black and white, and a bit of grundge i cant help it sorry : P hope you enjoy it!




Hair: !lamb. Dog Roses – Kit Kat (by Lamb Bellic)
Skin: *League* Taylor Pale -Natural- Frex-Hair-Cleavage (by Nena Janus)
Bracelet: THE DUNGEON LINKS BRACELET gold (by Undo Hermano) *FREE*
Shirt: *eha~ 7 Days in Sunny June WHITE flower (by Xanthous Amaterasu)
Dress: Emery – Dress Roxe Striped #01 (by Sunami Beck)
Nylons: *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black (by Sh Oluja)
Boots: *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black (by cocoro Lemon) *FREE*
Poses: *hate me and eat me* (Lisbeth Gummibaum and riri Bazar)

16/06/2010 Oh I Got Color?

Finally! I managed to do a skin review, took me really long to post it, even though i finished the pictures about a week ago. So EXILE brought out its new skinline which is called CHLOE. Kavar Cleanslate, who is actually known as a hair maker, finally made it as a skin designer. His new skin looks really good!
5 skintones are available. I really like the lighter ones, which are called Creme, Blush and SunSplash (from left to right). I think the darker ones (called Bronze and Shade) are a bit too yellow, thats the reason i paired them with the darker brows, because the lighter ones just looked a bit weird, too orangy. For that, i really really like the light eyebrows on the pale skintones, they are really well shaped and fine, not too bushy! : )


You guys know me by now, and that i have a thing for the superpale skins haha (irony, my next skin review will be about a super dark one : D)
So 10 make ups are available, are all the same for every skin tone, its easier to choose which one you want, like that : P. Most of them are natural to nude, look pretty much the same, don’t get me wrong, im a fan of nude make ups, im always prefering them over the funky hardcore makeups!But! For the people who love that extra urmpf, they definately should try the bold lips, and heavy winged out liners!

From left to right:
All the Lovers  — Bare
Drama              —  Feline
Myst                 —  Orgasm


next makeups are under my pretty cut right here hihi and some NAKED PIXEL SKIN : O!

  Continue reading

14/06/2010 Oh hai, cutie pie!

OOTD : ) nothing special, just wanted to update again skin reviews are coming!!! promiseeee!



Hair: !lamb Poppyseed in Powder (by Lamb Bellic)
Skin: [dekade.] SKINS Anna Light Brows, No Makeup (by Kira Ahn)
Eyes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes Calla -EmotionalBlue- (by Emilia Redgrave)
Earrings: FNKY! Diamond Stud (color modified) (by Funk Schnook)
Cardigan: Part of {SMS} Basic Cardigan Black (by Irie Campese)
Blouse: Part of !Ohmai : Basics Puff Blouse BLANK  (by Anya Ohmai) *FREE* 
Skirt: (WY) High Waisted garden Skirt (light) (by kendall Freenote)
Pants: VENENO // Eco Sweatpants (by Stevenzuuh GossipGirl) *NEW*
Bracelet 2: THE DUNGEON LINKS BRACELET silver (by Undo Hermano) *FREE*
Bracelet: [} Jasha {] Oceania Bracelet (Hot) (discontinued)
Cig: FNKY! Cigarette II (Funk Schnook)
Anklets: Maitreya Sculpted Anklets – Antique (color modified) (Onyx LeShelle)
Shoes: [PM] Baby T Plain: Black (by Tya Fallingbridge)

Poses: **hate me and eat me**