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22/01/11 Mensje…

I havent blogged in a bit. sorry guys but as you can see and read, im back again!

So, in the previous blog post i already showed you the Mensje skin. Iki released it a few days ago, a very fresh and youthful face, pretty innocent.
There are no “skin packs” available anymore, or any specific makeup that you could just buy and youre done. Instead, she reworked her vendor/selling system: You can buy a starter kit with different eyebrow options (in this case: blonde, brown, redbrown and no brow) aswell as three tattoo layers in more shades and the usual options of freckles, hairbase and cleavage. and all of that for 1450l! great deal i think.Then, you can go ahead and start buying makeup kits and lip kits, i bought a lip kit for Mensje, if you think of the massive money youre saving? I always just wanted the lips to be different, didnt really care about the eyes, if you do then buy the eyeshadow kits! So simple and so cheap in comparison to those super pricey fatpacks and premade make ups!
Im gonna show you for possibilities:

mensje 2

Left side:
Hair: *booN KED937 hair brown/mat/chestnut
Earrings: [ glow ] studio – Black Lace Earrings (TDR Blue 17)
Sweater: (TokiD) is little cold (yello)

Right side:
Hair: !lamb. Addict – Grayscale Pack (edited the coloring)
Jacket: (TokiD) toggle jacket (teal)

mensje 1

Hair: [e] Later – Bright Blondes
Earrings: [ glow ] studio – Black Lace Earrings (TDR Blue 17)
Blouse: {mon tissu} So Boho Blouse – Cream

Hair: !lamb. Addict – Grayscale Pack (edited the bangs aswell as the color)
Eyebrows::: DUTCH TOUCH :: MenSje :: Eyebrows – C (darkbrown) (are included in the Starter Kit)
Dress: (TokiD) Seasons Hunt Snowman


22/01/11 Raining Man



Hair: !lamb. Addict – Powder (by Lamb Bellic) *NEW*
Skin: ::DT:: ::MenSje:: Pale – Basic CL1 EBLight FR (by Iki Ikarus) *NEW*
Lipstick: ::DT:: ::MakeUP::  Mensje – Lipsticks – Soft salmon (by Iki Ikarus) *NEW*
Sweater: {SMS} Knit Cozy Sweater Black/Brown (by Irie Campese)
Cardigan: {mon tissu} Prudence Cardigan – Yellow (by Anouk Spot)
Blouse: {mon tissu} So Boho Blouse – Cream (by Anouk Spot)
Bag: {SMS} Squary Little Bag Gold (by Irie Campese)
Skirt: (TokiD) le frills skirt – yello flowers (by Maya Levane)
Tights: .: vive9 :. Sheer Doted & Original Tights in Black (by Sanya Bilavio)  *NEW*
Shoes: (fd) Tap Shoe (Mist) (by Toast Bard) *NEW*