21/11/2010 Ghost Hardware Pt. Two

As i just finished the other blog post, i wanted to add this lil review, or better: show and tell.

Recently, Siddean from Slink brought out a new innovation: Sculpted hands. We all saw this coming, since we already saw feet and everything else sculpted. But lemme tell you: YOU. NEED. THEM.

Those hands are just incredibly awesome …seriously? i never thought of having pretty hands in sl i already gave up on that….

Here are some snaps (NOT EDITED! just put together)


Gorgeousness? seriously? the are the most feminine hands you could think of! really thin and long fingers, those beautiful nails….*sigh…i want them in RL!

They come with a huge hud, with a skin color changer,nail color picker, then it has a cool thing: you have three settings on how you want your hand to be: flex, straight or curl. and you can change that individually (e.g. left hand flex and right hand straight)

There are additional bracelets you can attach and rings, if you like them. with the bracelet, you can hide this bad boy:


this wrist patch helps blending the arm and the hand together, but i think its really hard to make them look even, but with the bracelet its perfect!

GET THEM! kthxbai

Visit SLink inworld : )


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