17/11/2010 Uh na na what’s my name?

My name is Amber and i’m the new face of *League*!

Oh ye, Nena Janus did it again, and surprised everybody AGAIN. After her big success with the Taylor skin (everybody was wearing it….DUH)  she just released this gorgeous skin about a week ago, and all i can say is: I love Nena, again and again and again and ye again.

So i got the Amber skin in Fair and there are two sets:


Pretty huh? So per set there are 8 skins, with different make ups, but i think that the 1st set is much more neutral, it has a lot of soft colors, not too heavy eye makeup, just really subtle, which im not the biggest fan of, i prefer the bold and fierce makeup so lets skip to the second set! : )


this one screams: BOLD lips, bold eyes, nudeness weee! wanna read more? here is my cut, with some naked pictures : P

So the body:

i didnt notice that much of a difference between the Taylor and the Amber skin, maybe some lil improvements, but let me be honest, this body is gorgeous, when i reviewed the Taylor skin i already said that, but you cant stress enough how flawless and well shaded that body is right?

so ye…i hope you liked this review, and check out the store!


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